HaterNation #4: 01/23/2013

HaterNation #4: 01/23/2013


The Haters set it off on a cold ass Wednesday night.

SyFy Channel’s Tasmanian Devil

NFL Playoffs: Ray Lewis‘ final game and Wes Welker‘s chick going twitter crazy. Matt Ryan is a bum

Evacuate Earth’s Hakeem Oluseyi (@HakeemOluseyi) joins us and scares us about the future. He also discusses UFOs, time travel, space travel and the San Francisco 49ers.

Boobies with the BA features the fantastic #boobment movement on Twitter. @KUboobs owns the top spot on our list (www.kuboobs.com)

Comedian Kevin Downey Jr (kevindowneyjr.tv) blows the roof off the studio

Hollywood’s recent history with black presidents

Radio War with the Sports Syndicate regarding lemurs and Disney movies







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