No Philter Radio #88: 01/08/2015

No Philter Radio #88: 01/08/2015


Archer is back!
Marvel’s Agent Carter enters our TV Talk. Phil loses his mancard with Galavant.
Brooklyn Nine Nine disappointed.
Lillyhammer is a great show.
Vasalgel:Male Birth Control
Pornstars fight on Twitter
Who’s Farting on Mars?
The Fermi Paradox
Help we’re trapped in a closet.
Bad Getaway vs Awesome Getaway!
You best accept my friend request.
Two Crazy Cat Ladies.
Muslims attack cartoons.
Suicide Bomber class has a major flaw.
No Bacon at Subway
Supercross in Anaheim
Nascar Hall of Fame has financial woes.
Save the Nurburgring
Blacks storm restaurants during brunch.
Cowboys fan murdered by racist.


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